Our People

Allan Huang

Managing Director 


Bachelor of Commerce (Economics & Finance)

Graduate Diploma in Business (Supply Chain & Logistic)

Heading up all things operations, Allan is a certified Q grader who pushes the impetus to improve the quality control process and the supply chain intelligence embedded in the internal and external functions. When he is not running around trying to conquer all challenges, you can find him behind the espresso machine talking and drinking coffee all day long.  


  • Roaster of 2013, 2014, 2016 Victoria Brewer’s Cup Champion Competition Coffee. 

  • Roaster of 2014 Australia National Brewer’s Cup Champion 

  • Roaster of 2014 World Brewer’s Cup Representative Coffee

Junnie Huang 

Managing Director

Bachelor of Arts (Accounting)

Junnie plays a crucial role in managing the checks and balances of the finance behind the operations.  Since her 16th birthday, her business acumen has shaped her to become a force of nature entrepreneur. But there is way more to her than just numbers; she is a master of all things coffee related and a shining light of latte art perfectionist.  


  • 2018 Power Brew Competition 3rd Place 

  • 2019 Almond Breeze Latte Art Competition 3rd Place