Latte Art - Online Training Module

This virtual training session is designed to cover the fundamentals of creating a solid base for any type of latte art pattern. there is no pre-requisite to this class. The content is exclusively based on individual skill level and will be determined by the participant's past experiences and requirements. 

For pricing and availability information:

What's involved?

To get started, you will need the following equipment.

  • Internet connection

  • A computer/laptop or smartphone

  • Access to coffee machine and accessories

  • Coffee bean and milk

  • Minimum 2 milk jugs

  • Thermometer

  • Access for virtual livestream softwares such Facebook messenger or Instagram


Before the class, please submit a short video of milking steaming and latte art pouring

  • A short clip of your current milk texturing technique 

  • Please pour the specific pattern that you would like to work on

Personal Goal Setting: 

The content of the module is entirely built based on your questions and requirements. As such, we will touch base with you in advance to discuss your goals, what you are trying to achieve, and any questions that you may have before we start the online module.