Wholesale Collaborative Partnerships 

We believe in collaborative partnerships over transactional relationships. We recognise the inherent value in advancing our knowledge, networks, and growth.


With every new wholesale partnership, we see a tremendous opportunity for growth through mutual learning and improving. Our quality control program is continuously evolving with every wholesale partnership.

What do we offer? 

We live and breathe coffee. This is all we do. Each batch of coffee that we roast is meticulously monitored and analysed to ensure that a specific bundle of parameters (time and temperature) are achieved. We have developed systematic scientific procedures to test, learn, and continuously refine the roasting profiles to optimise the results and ensure consistency and the highest quality all year round.

Apart from craftsmanship, seasonality and freshness are underpinning factors to the quality of our products. Our green coffee is stored in state of the art facilities with precise temperature and humidity control. 

You must have the best tools in order to achieve the highest quality and optimise your workflow. We will do whatever we can to consult and assist you in sourcing the best possible equipment so that you can perform at your best. Alongside equipment consultation and sourcing, Craft and Labour offers a service maintenance schedule that ensures your equipment is always operating at its peak.

Wholesale service

  • Access to wholesale pricing 

  • Equipment procurement consultation 

  • Access to workshops 

  • Personal delivery in Melbourne within 30km radius of the CBD. 

  • Advice and supply on assorted accessories and tools

  • Ongoing support to ensure the best result 

If you have questions about wholesale or would like to learn more about any aspects of what we can offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


If we are not in the position to assist you further, we will also endeavour to refer you to our extended networks in the industry.