Focus Class - Improve your Latte Art Techniques

Having trouble identifying your problems and don't know how to fix it? 

This class is designed specificially to address your needs and work on your weaknesses. Ideally for experienced baristas who would like to tackle specific problems or refine the technical aspects of certain areas. I will guide you step by step to facilitate your training to reach your goals! 

For pricing and availability information:

What's involved?

This course is all about YOU! 

  • Private coach consultation

  • Latte Art problem identification

  • Constructive remediation plan of action 

  • Pattern correction

  • Drill through the steps to hone and improve specific areas 

  • Practice makes perfect. You will get plenty of  guided practice time.

Training can also be customised to the areas in which you would like to focus on improving your proficiency. Get in touch today and I will help you find the perfect solution.