Latte Art - Complex Patterns

The perfect course for Instagram worthy cups! 

​This class is designed exclusively for complex latte art patterns. I will share the tips and tricks that I have developed to hone and refine your timing and flow management through repeatable exercises. 

Pre-requisite: This class is recommended for those who are able to consistently produce proper milk texture and possess fundamental skills for classical patterns. If in doubt, please send me a short video of your awesome latte art pattern. I will revert and provide a solution as soon as I can. 

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What's involved?


  • Advanced milk steaming technique

  • Timing and flow management 

  • Espresso extraction and correlation to free pour

  • Milk jug and cup holding position

  • Pattern correction

  • Drill through the steps to hone and master advanced latte art patterns. 

  • Practice makes perfect. You will get plenty of practical time to hone your skills under guidance. 

Training can also be customised to the areas in which you would like to focus on improving your proficiency. Get in touch today and I will help you find the perfect solution.