About JuNNie

Craft and Labour Coffee, established in 2020, is a boutique specialty  coffee roastery and retailer based in Melbourne, Victoria. We are inspired by the endless possibilities and work relentlessly to source, roast, and brew the most unique, yet approachable, coffees in the world. 


Our mission is to make delicious, exciting coffee accessible, easy to drink, understand and appreciate. We believe in a holistic and sustainable approach to delivering the best possible cup of coffee.

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11/68 Clarke St. South Bank 3006

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Our Story


Our goal is to make delicious coffee accessible to everyone through tried and tested roasting and brewing methods. 

We are intensely passionate about everything that involves  bringing you the most exciting, and yet approachable, cup of coffee.


It starts from building long-term relationships with our suppliers who recognise the importance of more transparent practices and endorse sustainable growth by empowering the producers at the origin; we are only as good as the raw green coffee that we get to work with. 


We see roasting as an exacting procedure driven by scientific methods. This entails extensive and, to others, tedious trial and error in order to find the optimal combination of  time and temperature to develop and unveil the inherent nuances in each coffee. 


Behind the brew bar, our job is seemingly simple ,yet complex; we meticulously find the optimal grind size and continuously fine-tune the recipes by adjusting the temperature, quantity, and quality of the water. 

Uncompromising and unyielding devotion to quality and sustainability. 

Our commitment to quality extends beyond coffee and is evident in every aspect of our operation – from the milk we procure from St. David’s Dairy ,to the paper cups and the end-of-life packaging solutions of our retail products.

We understand that our environmental impact reduction strategy begins with the optimisation of raw materials. Therefore, we are constantly re-evaluating the energy composition of our packaging materials and searching for more eco-friendly alternatives. It is important to us that we do not rest on our laurels and continue to explore renewable materials, closed loop supply chains, and implement recyclable practices.